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Stay wild, flower child.

the best dang little flower shop in all the northwoods


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Garden Bouquet and Design has been a part of the greater downtown Marquette community for over a decade. A flower shop unlike the rest, our custom design floral arrangements are as ever-changing as the shores of Lake Superior. We take great pride in all of our creations, from bridal parties to everyday bouquets. We know the essence of flowers well, and we hope to share that magic with you. 

The Team


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Maggie has been immersed in the floral industry since 2014, and became co-owner of Garden Bouquet in May of 2017. Her path to becoming a floral designer has been winding, but clear, it is her greatest love and passion. Maggie's design style airs on the side of wild and dramatic. As of late, she has begun wiring different crystals and stones into bouquets, giving the designs a new element and texture. Her goal is to create something beautiful, while pushing the envelope of industry standards. Her calling to flowers reaches far deeper than design, but more so into the soul. She is dedicated to helping people have a deeper understanding of flowers, their symbolism, and overall essence. She refers to flowers as her greatest teachers, as they are beautiful, but fleeting. In order to capture their beauty you must be in the here and now, mastering the art of letting go. 



Inspired by patterns found in Nature, DJ brings grounded symmetry and universal meanderings to the design table. Like his sister, Maggie, he too searches for the lessons that can be found amongst the flowers. DJ is passionate about using our local model, the forest, as a guide for all aspects of design both floral and landscape. It is small scale landscape design that really calls to DJ; he offers those services through our Brother Business, Earth Heart Gardens. For more info, check out our “OUTSIDE” tab.



Kara has been a part of the Garden Bouquet team since the summer of 2014. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kara found her way to the Upper Peninsula to study at Northern Michigan University. She recently graduated with her undergraduate degree in biology and philosophy, respectfully. While attending school, Kara fell in love with the city of Marquette and discovered her passion for floral work. Kara finds inspiration in the forests of the Upper Peninsula and is partial to lush green arrangements with peculiar and unique focal flowers and textures that lend to her love of all things botanical and growing.